Your financial future depends on the steps you take today

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Most people wait until they are in crisis before they get really serious  about their money.

Often, that’s when they come to me. They realize that they have not been able to manage their day-to-day finances successfully.

Bernadine & Sammy

I provide the tools, support, & accountability for them to move forward.

I am Bernadine T. Shea.

As YOUR Money Organizer, I can give you the power to control your personal finances for a lifetime. I am uniquely qualified to help you explore the past, examine the present & create the future.

I will take a holistic approach to your finances and help you choose the best path to take control of your financial life.

I can help you lower your financial stress! 

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Together, my clients and I go back to the basics. We take a look at the relationship you have developed over the years with your money.

Then we identify obstacles which are keeping you from managing your finances successfully.

Together we determine your current financial reality and identify your money goals. Then we develop a spending plan and an EXPENSE TRACKING SYSTEM which is unique to your needs.

In other words we explore the past, examine the present and create the future together.

I am NOT here to dictate to you. Also I am NOT here to advise you where to invest your money.

I simply come along side you and advise you as someone who has been through it all herself.

Consider me as a resource person who is going to let you know how you can…Lower Your Stress — Control Your Spending — and Become More Informed Financial Decisions.

In other words …. you’ll have peace of mind.

So let’s get together….