Your Personal December Note from Bernadine

Holiday greetings to all!!!   For the last minute shoppers I have included  a “Holiday Spending Budget”…Dec.2013BudgetSheet (NOTE: To print this form, right click on the photo, save to a file on your computer, then you can print it on 8.5×11 paper and use it.)

…  If you have not already figured it out this may be  your last opportunity to get organized.  You might also think about excessive and frivolous spending.  Try to create a mind-set that steers you away from overspending. Think carefully before adding new debt to your list of payments, which will be due in January, 2014.

An added caution to my readers about “Cash Advances”….  Don’t forget that your interest rate will be higher, and there typically is a 5% fee charge for cash advance. BEWARE…….

Best wishes for sharing the holiday spirit, which is priceless  & free!


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