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When I was younger I never had the opportunity to learn how to handle my personal finances. I started my first job when I was 15. I learned two things: how to make money and how to spend money. Savings was not even in my vocabulary.

As I look back I don’t even know how I paid my bills — I never had a budget and didn’t until after went bankrupt.

Somehow I managed and survived but SURVIVING IS NO FUN, especially as you get older. And there are consequences to being “financially uninformed”….some actions just can’t be reversed.

I hate to see other people go through what I went through. But fortunately I found a way to make a difference.

I went through a LOT of training. Truth be told, some things I learned the hard way.

But other things I learned through specialized training. You might say that I reinvented myself.

As a certified Personal Financial Educator began to work with high school students.

Nearly two decades ago, I began working exclusively with adults….and I have never looked back!

So here’s the deal:

  • If you can’t sleep at night because you are in so much debt,
  • Or if you don’t really know where to start when you look at your finances,
  • Or if you are stressed out because you credit card debt is out of control because of your Covid-19 problems,
  • Or you are not sure you can afford your home any more,
  • Or you just plain over-spend and under-budget….

Then let me help you.

I lived with the consequences of being financially uninformed. But you don’t have to.

I live and work in eastern Connecticut. Here’s how you can reach me:

Call my office at: 203.302.0172

Call/Text: 860.705.3097

Email: YourMoneyOrganizer@gmail.com

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