My System

People come to a professional like me because they have not been able to manage their day-to-day finances.

Budget in Process

They also know that they need to make more informed decisions. 

I know what that means. I have overcome my own financial obstacles.

So because of my decades-long experience and professional training, I am uniquely qualified to provide the tools, support, and accountability that helps people move forward.

Together we determine their current financial reality and identify their money goals. Then we develop a spending plan and an EXPENSE TRACKING SYSTEM which is unique to their needs.

In other words we explore the past, examine the present and create the future together.

Here’s How It Works

First we have a consultation that lasts about one hour. We get to know each other and talk about your money concerns. We discuss what changes you want to make & what expectations you have. This allows us to see if we feel comfortable working together.

From there, we make a specific appointment that takes about 2.5 hours. Here we take a look at your income & expenses for the past 3 to 6 months — bank statements, credit card statements, etc. Then we start to create your current financial reality.

Why It Works

It works because my clients and I go back to the basics. We take a look at the relationship they have developed over the years with their money. Then we identify obstacles which are keeping them from managing their finances successfully.

It also works because we set up a system. That way people can know how well they are doing all along the way. The system empowers them to take control of their personal financial future.

The new relationship they have with their own money creates confidence going forward.

What Others Have to Say

“Over the last almost two years, Bernadine taught me to have a connection with my finances. She gave me tools to learn how to budget, plan ahead, and ultimately to save. We started meeting once every week; we would plan out my budget using cash for everything I could, so I couldn’t go over budget. After I learned to work within my budget, we started meeting every other week. She taught me how to chart my progress and to always think a few weeks ahead.”      Liz, P.

“You have so much compassion for people to know the truth about their finance.”  Denise M.

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